State of Independents

State of Independents

by Scott Weber April 14, 2017 0 Comments

As the ever evolving world of music continues to grow, its been noticeable there has been the explosion in independent music.

Take for example the signing by Universal of a ‘unique and innovative’ multifaceted deal with Grammy award winning KIDinaKORNER – a combined record label, publisher, production house and marketing agency. The agreement seems alike to a label service where the maker keeps hold of his copyrights while leveraging universals imprints for global marketing, promotion and distribution.






Looking at iTunes alone the surge in independent music is increasing every time you look at a chart, when combining that with social media, blogging and vlogging, the increasing number of indie artists compared to 10 years ago, is vastly larger.

Fan created videos are getting more traffic than ‘official artist’ videos and over the past few years’ indie artist revenues were growing four times as fast as the industry average. Tunecore, one of the largest digital distributors for indie and unsigned artists alongside ReverbNation has a dataset that’s difficult to ignore.

Looking at - shows some great information:

The Worldwide Independent Music Industry Network (WIN) is a global forum for the professional independent music industry. It was launched in 2006 in response to business, creative and market access issues faced by the independent sector everywhere. For independent music companies and their national trade associations worldwide, WIN is a collective voice. It also acts as an advocate, instigator and facilitator for its membership.


They launched WINTEL in June 2016, which is ‘a ground breaking worldwide independent market report which explores the economic and cultural value of independent music’.

‘For the first time in the history of recorded music, the independent sector has extracted its true market share value based on ownership of copyright as opposed to distribution, which has been the standard, until now. The report also highlights the cultural importance of the independent sector in protecting creativity and innovation’.

See the Worldwide Independent Market Report, here:


As stated by Emmy Buckingham:

‘Recent events in the global music industry have clarified a simple fact – the power dynamics between the major record companies and the independent music sector, and with artists, are changing. The majors’ global market share is often disputed. Given their tendency to include turnover from independent labels they distribute, it is at best a grey area, but between 65% and 70% would be a fair estimation’.

‘The independent music sector by contrast cares passionately about the artists it works with. Independents and artists are natural allies – indeed, they are often the same people. That’s why Worldwide independent Network (WIN), the umbrella organisation that represents independent music trade associations around the world, introduced The Fair Digital Deals Declaration last year, a statement of commitment made by independent record labels to treat their artists fairly in agreements relating to digital exploitation of artists’ work in recorded music agreements with third parties.’

‘Individually independent labels are no threat to multinational corporations. But together they have power. Growing market share for sure, but more importantly they are vocal and through well-organised, well-aligned entities such as Merlin, which negotiates and manages digital agreements on behalf of 20,000 plus independent music companies around the world, and WIN and Impala, they now speak with a strong collective voice.’

Fair to say that WIN have their fingers firmly on the pulse, and are one of the best ‘go to’ places for all the best industry information.

“Independent music now has a seat at the top table and is a growing force. As the industry evolves the indies, together with artists, are playing an increasingly influential role in shaping it’s future. No new digital business should now dare contemplate entering the market without having first taken account of their views and without having negotiated a level playing field deal with them. Independents are now ready to take their place on the front line.” Alison Wenham, Chairman & CEO of The Association of Independent Music (AIM)


Even when looking through social media there are some stand out brands that are all encompassing and all helping for the Indie market. / FB /independentmusicpromo have been around since 2010 with a simple mission “To promote music with depth” - I.M.P. The Only "Guaranteed" Music PR Company Worldwide. Independent Music Promotions is a music PR company working exclusively with "music with depth" worldwide. I.M.P was founded in 2011 by "Your Band Is A Virus" author James Moore, championing a "music first" mentality and accountability in the music PR industry. And with 40’000 followers, again another brand making some waves. / @YourMusicWorld / @Hot_New_Artists are home to thousands of unsigned and emerging artists worldwide. With 36.3k followers on Twitter, 3533 likes on Facebook since 2012, they’re building a great following and performing really well for the scene. / FB/TheIndependentMusicAwards are another highly followed site with 53’000 followers The Independent Music Awards celebrates artists big and small who follow their own muse, and the fans who love and support them.  Their 16th Annual Awards take place this year.

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So however you look at it, people are getting more musical, more skilful and more resourceful using the avenues around them, to bring their art to life.



Scott Weber
Scott Weber