Socially Acceptable

Socially Acceptable

by Scott Weber March 05, 2017 0 Comments

Compared to years ago, social media influence within the dance music scene is as of now as paramount as it ever could be. With the ‘brand’ names using social media more and more to promote their events, give the latest news and updates, in real time and be far more interactive with their fanbase.


When you look at all the social media platforms, it not hard to see why the ease of social media promotion is a key factor, and relatively (for the most part) cost free.


Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Pinterest, Tumblr or Google+, each have elements and tools which make promotion easy, quick and worthwhile and of course making it easy to keep in touch with the dance music scene.


Take Live Nation for example, which have just posted their sixth consecutive year of record growth. Quoting CEO Michael Rapino

“Fans around the world can now discover, follow, share and embrace artists, creating greater demand for live shows. We believe the live business will continue to have strong growth for years to come as fans globally drive demand, artists are motivated to tour, and technology drives conversion."

 Live Nation More Bass

So as the consumer looks for more ways to interact, the bands out there are answering, and by Live Nation's Russell Wallach (President of Live Nation Network) own account:

“Whether it's through Facebook or Twitter or some other platform -- all of a sudden all of those people can meet at the show, and they can know where they are at the show. Music is such a social environment anyway. Maybe we're creating special areas for all those people to meet, hang out, and they're going into it, they all have things in common, they're all passionate about that artist or band that's going to be onstage that night”.


So social media promotion and interaction is paying dividends and proving to be the key factor for growth in all areas. There are those that fear online music in general, but when you enhance the social media aspects, the fear does go away pretty quickly. Quite simply social media is classed as the biggest marketing platform in the world. Statistics say it all when in 2016 Facebook had 1.6 billion users, Twitter 325 million and instagram with 430 million users. Since then, those figures are already looking to easily be doubled by quarter 3 of 2017.


It's free marketing, connection building with fans and listeners, gives point of contact and allows you to mass promote in every avenue. With those tools the scene has never been easier to be part of the full journey of a show, a gig or an event.

 Avicii More Bass

Avicii began a campaign, an Instagram interactive story. The campaign was created to promote Avicii’s new album: Stories, and to showcase the wide variety of songs on the record, ranging all the way from hip-hop to techno. The campaign received over 222,000 likes during the first five days and became a hot topic, trending all over the web. The most important part of the campaign, which showed the social media influence, following and interactivity, was when all 14 tracks from the album all went into the top 100 on Spotify. (

From another artist perspective, take James Kiedis and one of his most recent tracks this year The Kraken. It was seen over Facebook alone on a daily basis by followers of his page, and also showing daily updates as to where it sat in regard to charting. On a personal level, as an artist, he hit some great milestones. One of the Top 50 Best Selling Artists of the quarter and Best Newcomer position 6. Plus, getting further interactive with his following, James offered to do a live Q&A with producers via Facebook, again building on the interaction perfectly. And in his own words on the importance of social media helping to get noticed and their benefits:

“Socials are an absolute necessity for today's promotion. The ability to promo a short clip alongside a live video or even an image is essential to building hype ahead of and during a release. Once they hype begins to build it can easily snowball as has been the case with one or two of my releases.  Some campaigns have had a greater impact than others but yes socials are my primary means to promote my productions and myself as an artist. I can't see that slowing down”. (

Then take a mixed review from Dj/Producer D1 of the CTDJ’s:

“There was once a time where you had to go to a Record Shop or buy a magazine to find out what was happening on the clubbing scene, which dj’s were where and what music was coming through. The evolving of social media, Facebook being the biggest influence, has meant that what is on ‘everywhere’ has been in front of your eyes 24/7 until recently. Currently social media had become such a money making business that unless an event pays a lot of money to promote with them, you see less and less, meaning smaller events can’t get the reach and great nights are failing on numbers. This of course is as well as the ability to have your favorite dj’s in your house now for cheap or free without having to go out. Media sites such as mixcloud, soundcloud etc. can provide a current soundtrack to your house party. So for the entire good Social media can do, it can also damage a scene by the overkill of content. It will be interesting to see if it continues along the same path or a new generation of party goer’s will rely on it less to embrace the real world of being a clubber”. (

And then you have Dj Tom Bradshaw whose Killswitch radio show has been gaining strength since 2011. His simple goal of sharing his passion for Trance, whilst showcasing some of the best up and coming and world renowned names in trance has become synonymous with some great social media activity and engagement, which has expanded his global listener/fan base. Recently Tom celebrated a milestone with his Killswitch show with its 6th birthday and a 24 hour Trance Energy Radio takeover which showcased some of the finest in well known talent (Judge Jules, Paul Van Dyk, Fred Baker, Allen Watts, Jordan Suckley and many more) – the social media promotion was vast, interactively teasing the listener base and keeping a constant update on the shows, the line up, time slots and who was playing and when. Trance Energy mirrored this perfectly by promoting each show, live when it was airing. The results of this can be seen not only on his Facebook BUT also on his Mixcloud listener numbers:

And take Judge Jules own comment on social media promotion:

Judge Jules More Bass

"I think it's safe to say that this has changed completely. It's hard to imagine a world without social media nowadays. Everything used to rely on print media, radio or word of mouth, but now you can have the whole world just a few clicks away. Sites like Facebook and Twitter, plus dedicated music sites, have created a global village that enables us to connect, engage and interact with people all over the world. Sharing music and events news has never been easier”. (


So as proven above, social media, promotion and marketing does exactly what is needed for a vast majority of artist and dj’s out there. It connects fans and listeners to their favorite artists, allows event/gig attendance, in person, in visual only or over the airwaves. It connects, it allows interaction, and most importantly, it works.



Scott Weber
Scott Weber