Let's Go Outside

Let's Go Outside

by Scott Weber March 31, 2017 0 Comments

As the festival season approaches, its time to get out your checklist and make sure you’re taking the right kit to make any festival go with a bang. Here is my Top 10 Festival Essentials.

A Tent

It goes without saying that a tent is your number one best friend at a festival, and this particular model is what I love. OuterEQ Instant Camping Tent 3-4 Person $69.90 (Amazon). This is one of those simple ‘pop up and done’ tents that have space and ease. Fibreglass frame and waterproofing just add extra comfort

Battery Pack

Nothing worse than taking your phone and running out of juice half way through the first day there, but with Anchor Astro, you can have a great solution. Offering 4 charges (iPhone 7 has been tested on 4 full charges). With an added LED torch, USB, Micro USB and lightning input at $16.99 it’s a bargain too.

Sleeping Bag

For those times, when the dancing has taken its toll, you’re going to want to get a little bit of sleep, the Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag, $31.20 (Amazon) gets my pick. 100% polyester it fits up to 6ft 2” in height and ‘comfortsmart’ technology. All makes sure you get a dose of sleeping aid.


The Fatboy USA Lamzac the Original Seat $39.99 (Amazon) is just one of those things (some may say a luxury) that is an added bonus, when standing gets boring. Made from high quality durable nylon and can hold 440lbs, yet only weighs 2.6lbs. Repels dirt and moisture and available in 8 colors (Cheapest being the Grass Green at $39.99)


There’s nothing worse than waking in the middle of the night, and its darker than it should be. BUT with the bargain $7.99 (Amazon) LE Headlamp, you have a perfect solution. With 4 modes this battery powered (batteries actually come with this too) helmet light is lightweight and adjustable for all head sizes. It only weighs 2.85oz and is waterproof.


NOW this to me is the one piece of kit YOU MUST have. Coleman FlipLid 6 Personal Cooler.  Simply a drinks cooler, no more, no less. $12.19 (Amazon), Not really much to say that what it is, a great drinks cooler with a flip lid that turns into a serving tray.

Fancy Footwear

So this is the space you’d normally read about designer wellies. BUT no more. Elephant Festival Feet $14.99 from Amazon provide an outstanding alternative. These shoe covers are splash proof, and are pulled over your normal shoes to keep mud and rain away, plus with the included ties, they don’t fall off.



As its festival season, you know there’s going to be some unannounced rain at some stage. So always good to have something primed and ready. The Clear Emergency Poncho $15.99 for pack of 10 from Amazon is an ideal stay safe to keep with you.


Bluetooth Speaker

Heard those tracks you cant forget about and want to replay that night again? Then the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3, $28 (Amazon) is for you. HQ Sound, with acoustic drivers and enhanced bass. Ultra portable under 10oz. Water resistant, splashproof, rainproof, dust/sandproof. Make this a perfect camping companion.

Disposable Toilet

If you’ve been to a festival before, you know the scenario of the toilet situation or minefield as its more commonly known. BUT TravelJohn $14.99 for 6 from Amazon is the solution. A 3 pack is a unisex adapter that turns urine into an odourless gel, so doesn’t spill or smell.

So, these are just a few of the hundreds of products out there just to help your attending festival go that bit smoother. Be safe BUT enjoy.



Scott Weber
Scott Weber